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Be sure to read the manual and if you can't get the music out out of your head when you're done playing, download the soundtrack!

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Your donations will go towards our hosting costs, with any excess split evenly amongst the development team. The game is complete. No future changes or maintenance are promised in exchange for donations. 

How to Play: The game has no mouse or touch controls. It is controlled entirely with the keyboard. 

Key Action
Arrows/WASD Walk, Run
Select menu options
Enter Pause
Activate menu options
J Punch
Activate menu options
K Smoke
Back on menus
L Grab
Space Jump

For more information, check out the manual or, heck, just play the game and see what happens. Enjoy!

Strange Flesh Development Team
Graphics: blazing cheeks
Code: Ursa Maximus
Sound: Fann

Strange Flesh is open source! Just remember that we are licensed under Creative Common Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. That means you cannot use our code or art for commercial purposes, you must provide attribution anywhere it is used, and you should keep derivative works also open source.